Slow Fashion Brands From The Philippines To Invest In This Spring

It was not too long ago when fast fashion giants began to infiltrate the local market. Inside super malls, where most of Philippine life took place, prime spaces of at least two floors were occupied by global brands selling cookie cutter garments. Trends sold at affordable prices was a perceived commodity that sacrificed craft and quality. And it wasn’t only in the country where this phenomenon occurred. It was a universal movement that came with a high price: pollution, poor working conditions for makers, excessive waste, sub par quality, just to name a few. This was the price for the democratization of fashion through mass production.

It was this very realization that gradually shed light on sustainable, ethical lifestyles as the smarter option. In the Philippines where time-honored traditions of weaving, embroidery and craft abound, these ideals are intrinsic. Little wonder that as more thoughtful and intentional products began to take front and center in the global fashion stage, local brands and wares became reliable points of reference. Put simply, i cannot think of a better place to celebrate craft and conscious fashion than in the Philippines. It is second nature to us—consumers, makers, designers and enthusiasts alike.

Admittedly, awareness for conscious living is relatively new in the Philippines, but that’s not to say that our grasp of the concept is in its infancy. A quick look at local brands making sustainable products more accessible to its consumers will reinforce that Philippine makers and designers are forces to reckon in as we invest in the future of fashion. We continue to celebrate fashion for all, but this time more mindfully and with intention.

Artemis Citrine Necklace by ALL THAT GLITTERS at DISENYO DEL SUR

Artemis Citrine Necklace by ALL THAT GLITTERS at DISENYO DEL SUR

When DISENYO DEL SUR launched in 2020, the idea was to amplify female voices of the Visayas (in southern region of the Philippines). Its founders Amanda LuYm and Cacay Moras, have long been in working in luxury fashion through their fine jewelry brand, ALL THAT GLITTERS. When they though to diversify with the launch of an online platform, both women decided it was time to create a special space for like-minded female designers, makers, suppliers and yes, consumers. Amanda shared, “We were only halfway through building a site, and we wanted to continue but we were in a quandary for how to do it. Most importantly how to do it in a meaningful fashion.”

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