PADAYON in Cebuano means, “to continue.” Products from the label are made using hablon fabrics from the women weaver’s coop in Argao known as Hablon sa Cebu. These weaves are reimagined into Asian contemporary pieces via new colorways and patterns, which are developed in collaboration with the weavers and head designer Amanda LuYm. The fabrics serve as the main bodies, as well as the trims, for these local luxury pieces and are meant to incorporate into contemporary life, with boundless uses, blurring the lines between loungewear and resort dressing. These customized weaves, made exclusively for the brand support livelihoods for the community of weavers who are all involved in keeping the old heritage of Hablon alive. In staying true to a conscious supply chain, PADAYON also utilizes the scrap fabrics as materials for hair ties and pouches and is incorporated into the sister brand Blank Canvas’gifts.