Here’s How This Women-Led Online Marketplace Uplifts Visayan Fashion Entrepreneurs

In the middle of a pandemic where everything was put to a temporary halt, Amanda Luym and Cacay Moras of ever-evolving jewelry brand All That Glitters had a eureka moment. These two Filipina entrepreneurs built a bountiful ecosystem of trading and collaboration between Visayan women and called it Disenyo Del Sur. The idea is to connect women from the far regions of Visayas to co-create and build a community that amplifies local slow fashion.

“That’s really how women talk and how women work. We ask a lot of questions, we ask for help, and this is also why female leaders of different countries have succeeded early on during the pandemic because their pride didn’t get in the way. It’s okay for us women to ask for help,” the women said in our Metro.Style exclusive interview. In a way, Disenyo Del Sur aims to wisely make use of our resources and skillsets to put each of us back on our feet.

Amanda and Cacay were already in the works of putting up something like Disenyo Del Sur before the pandemic. They met up with Debbie Palao of Holistic Coalition of the Willing, a retail concept where everything in-store is for circular fashion, up-cycled, and community sourced. In a way, she was like a fairy godmother to them after they took a tour in a weaving center in Argao, Cebu where they were inspired by the fabrics. With materials, manpower, and design combined, they eventually put up Disenyo Del Sur as a marketplace not only for them but for the women of the South.


It’s important for Amanda and Cacay that the products will make sense and it has to have a great purpose. “It’s a whole new world for us and we’re already trying to make it work. Along the way we’re learning about the local supply chains in the Philippines like cotton and cloth weaving, manufacturing, and getting things to and from an island,” the women said.  Most of all, the duo is not chasing a cycle. They value season-less and slow fashion above everything else and they are keen on enjoying the process one step at a time.


From traditional clothing, statement jewelry, self-care essentials such as premium oils and artisanal soap bars, and pottery, Disenyo Del Sur is already underway to fill our days with wholesome living.

Send them a DM to order with nationwide shipping in mind. They also offer same-day or immediate shipping within NCR. Make sure to check them out on @disenyodelsur on Instagram!

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