Exploring The Space Between The Known And Unknown

There is a transitory space that is felt and experienced by individuals in this journey called life. It is the time between the known and unknown, the conscious and subconscious. The recent exhibit entitled Dangerous Beauty x Enchantress embodied liminal spaces — a transition between two locations — that is at the same time melancholic yet appealing.

Held at the Qube Contemporary Design Center of Cebu, the exhibit featured three outstanding pioneering individuals in their respective fields: Amanda LuYm, Jaime Chua and Cacay Moras-Server.

Fine art photographer LuYm highlighted her photographs that displayed flora suspended in these transitory areas.Co-founder and creative director of Disenyo del Sur, an e-commerce site that advocates highlighting women creators and entrepreneurs within the Visayas, she described the exhibit as “very much about transformation, the liminal states, the thresholds, and the rites of passage.”

The allusions in her work range from Greek mythology to science fiction. Her work Fates was inspired by the famous Greek myth, described as “three women, three faces, three different angles of all aspects that form one of the three, three of the one.”

Photographs by honey Jarque-Loop for the Daily Tribune Pia Mercado

Amanda LuYm and Jaime Chua.

Cecile Cuisia, Betty Veloso, Frances Siao, Cacay Moras Server.

Claudine del Rosario of Wine Drop, Fremont Base, and Jaja Chiongbian Rama.

Danna Bacolod and Emily Liok.

Maris Holopainen, Frances Siao, and Karla Alegrado.

Pinky Chang, Irma Atillo, and Tessie Javier.

Rosebud Sala, Teresin Mendezona, and Annie Aboitiz.

The immersive experience also presented plants, orchids and other flowers curated by Chua of Blooms and Greens.

A genuine nature lover and keeper of impressive gardens and landscapes, his fondness for plants led him to be one of the most prominent collectors and conservationists of rare and local endangered species in the Philippines.

The trio was completed by the coveted jewelry from All That Glitters, a brand co-founded by LuYm and Moras-Server.

The jewels and gems utilized a variety of precious stones to create a timeless look. The wearers can even customize these accessories — by pairing them down or building them up.

To summarize the event, LuYm concluded, “When you transform in any sense, it is scary, because you have never been that. When you become Other, it is transgressive because it is a desire and a fear all at once.”

To entertain guests at the opening reception, specialty supplier Wine Drop showcased a variety of excellent vinos.

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