Dangerous Beauty X Enchantress Exhibit By Amanda LuYm And Jaime Chua

Between the precipice of the known and the unknown, conscious and subconscious, presence and absence lie a transitory space felt and perceived by the likes of us. The “Dangerous Beauty x Enchantress” exhibit embodies these liminal spaces’ haunting yet alluring duality.
“Dangerous Beauty x Enchantress,” an exhibit that concluded last September 8-10 at Qube Contemporary, Design Center of Cebu, A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City, features a collection of Amanda Amanda’s photography showcasing flora suspended in the liminal spaces together with orchids and other plants curated by Jamie Chua of Blooms and Greens, and timeless jewelry pieces from All That Glitters.
Amanda LuYm, a fine art photographer, at the same time, the co-founder and the creative director of Disenyo del Sur, an e-commerce site that advocates highlighting women makers and entrepreneurs in the Visayas, describes the exhibit as “very much about transformation, the liminal states, the thresholds, and the rites of passage.”
Amanda’s references in her work range from Greek mythology to science fiction. Her work “Fates,” was inspired by the famous Greek myth as she describes it as “three women, three faces, three different angles of all aspects that form one of the three, three of the one.”
Looking closely at her work, one notices the utilization of sacred geometry in her composition. The mirroring and duplication in her work reflect the Fibonacci sequence and the Vesica Piscis. Her fascination with duality manifests itself in her works as she plays with light and darkness, proportional and logarithmic images.
Aside from Amanda’s eye-catching photographs, the immersive exhibit was accentuated by Jamie Chua’s curated plant display. Chua’s fondness for plants led him to be one of the most prominent collectors and conservationists of rare and local endangered species in the Philippines.
The exhibit also juxtaposed the collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from All That Glitters, a brand the artist co-founded with Cacay Moras-Server. The pieces utilized different gemstones such as citrine, quartz, and sapphire to create a consciously timeless look. What is fascinating about their jewelry is that the wearer can customize the pieces by pairing them down or building them up. This approach allows the wearer to utilize the piece more than once and explore creative ways to style the pieces, making them more personal.
The exhibit was in partnership with QUBE gallery which housed the art pieces. To commemorate the start of the exhibit, Winedrop showcased a variety of wines during the opening reception.
To encapsulate the exhibit, Amanda concludes, “When you transform in any sense, it is scary, because you have never been that. When you become Other, it is transgressive because it is a desire and a fear all at once.”
For more details about the wines, visit or contact them through 09777648196 or Instagram For inquiries on the remaining exhibit pieces, contact QUBE Gallery via
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