Frequently Asked Questions

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What safety measures do you practice to ensure that clients and your workers are protected from COVID-19?
Our team strictly follows health and safety measures to ensure that staff and clients are protected. Safety, above all, is our priority.

 All products from our suppliers are UV sanitized before packaging and shipping. Fabrics are thoroughly washed before they are shipped out. You can also be rest assured that team members who pack your items following safety protocols.

 Similarly, we’ve partnered with logistics teams (hyperlink SHIPPING + LOGISTICS PAGE) that follow strict health and hygiene protocols. These companies also encourage contactless delivery systems.
How can I collaborate or partner with DISENYO DEL SUR?
DISENYO DEL SUR was developed with the intention of amplifying female voices in the Visayan region. This is why most of our partner brands and collaborators are female-owned and run enterprises from the Visayas. It is this unique retail eco system that distinguishes our platform from the rest. This is not to say our doors are closed to other potential partners. We would love to keep growing and evolving. We even love collaborating with clients to see how we can offer them unique retail experiences.

 If you are interested to connect with us, you may reach us through