The Ecosystem

More than a sustainable and conscious supply chain, we aim to create a collaborative eco system where like-minded brands, makers, suppliers and producers work together in their own unique capacities to create innovative lifestyle products.

 Our partner brands may function as SUPPLIERS. Others offer EXPERTISE in production and manufacturing. Some partners bring forth DESIGN INNOVATION. Together, we hope to build a dynamic and creative environment that enhances everyday life.



Stassi & Co.

Stassi & Co. founder, Riccardi Lu, sought to create bath rituals that are luxurious, mindful, and innovative, combining a background in industrial engineering with a passion for beauty as an internationally trained makeup artist.

The exposure to the wide world of beauty and the chemicals needed to create it led her to study ways to produce products that are good for the body and the environment, harming neither. Stassi & Co has a brand ethos deeply grounded in sourcing the best of local ingredients such as cocoa butter from Davao and tableya from Cebu and combining them with premium essential oils, superfood extracts, and natural clays, coming together to create super luxe and sustainable bath products.



Cheeky Chic

Established in 2015 as a creative outlet by its founder, Patricia Mancao-Canton, the label carved out a niche through colorful, vibrant, witty yet cleverly functional accessories like pouches and organizers. Since it was established, the brand has evolved to become one of Cebu’s most trusted and beloved one-stop shop gifting houses. Attention to detail and an instinct for knowing the needs of their clients have allowed CHEEKY CHIC to conceive of best selling items like personalized 8-compartment expandable organizers. The brand now applies its savoir faire as it launches utilitarian bag organizers specifically configured for new normal essentials like masks, wipes and sanitizing spray bottles.