HoliCOW is a pioneer in sustainable living and upcycling. Its name is an acronym for Holistic Coalition of the Willing, which is a clear representation of “what we are, and what we ultimately promise to always be.” Its founders, Debbie Palao and Ina Gaston (also of Hacienda Crafts) consider themselves as concerned product designers.Seasoned in the export of furniture and design pieces, founders of HoliCow believe in improving the supply chain to support and empower artisan communities like the Argao Habloneras. They are also staunch advocates of zero-waste initiatives and heritage preservation. Through the brand, they hope to create inspired lifestyle items that convey sustainability, identity and community to a larger audience. This visionary label will be collaborating closely with DEL SUR to develop a line of soft furnishings and towels using upcycled fabrics, ideal for modern yet conscious living.

Bread Basket by Ina GastonBread Basket by Ina Gaston
Handwoven Coasters (set of 4)Handwoven Coasters (set of 4)
Nindot by Debbie PalaoNindot by Debbie Palao
Sayon by Debbie PalaoSayon by Debbie Palao